About us

Photo shootings and prints

Who are we and why should you trust with the most important moments of your life to be captured on camera?

Dimitris Konstantinidis, head of ‘Photography-Organising’ in Triandria, is more than a photographer with 10+ years of professional experience.

As a graduate specialised in informatics and as a graphic designer, he has the specialised know-how required to ensure exceptional image processing. In other words, he is trained in using specialised software and new image and photo processing technology, in order to highlight, improve and redesign your photographs in response to your personal needs, so that the final result is truly unique!

Dimitris Konstantinidis, a sensitive and creative artist with a keen eye for detail, expresses his passion for photography from a contemporary perspective.

He always focuses on the strongest points of the subject, immortalises your most beautiful moments in unique ways, and recomposes them to create images that will remain unchanged by time, to bring memories and arouse emotion in many generations to come.

He is truly patient and dedicated to ensure the final result fully meets your expectations.