Image Editing

Image processing is an invaluable contribution of technology to the art of photography.  A photographer trained in computer use and graphic design recomposes a damaged, worn photograph, isolates persons and their background, adds colour, removes “dullness”, adds text or decorative elements, so that the final image is what you truly desire.

Nobody asks for the services of a photographer if the photographs they want processed are not precious to them:  A person they love, family occasions, etc.

TIPS: We recommend you compose an electronic album of photographs recombined through image processing software and present it as a one-of-a-kind gift. What can we do for you?

  • Copy and process printed photographs that may be worn or damaged in places, so that they may be fully restored;
  • Retouch faces and aesthetically unpleasant parts of the content;
  • Colourising black & white photographs according to a ‘palette and style’ selected by you or us;
  • Remove from or add persons to photographs in the most aesthetically pleasing manner;
  • Add text or ‘ornamentation’ according to your wishes.
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